Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to the Future iPad Style

Just recently Matt Thompson and myself have been involved in an exciting collaboration with some Graduate I T students where we set out to see if we could deliver a unit standard and set up a self assessment on moodle where through visual aural and written text students were able to do some self directed learning.

We picked a basic unit being unit standard “13000 Demonstrate Knowledge of Portable Power Tools Used on Construction Sites” and our iPad friendly version called “TOP TOOLS ‘has 14 key portable power tools.

Through the touch screen you get taken through safety videos of best use and changing blades etc, also key parts are identified of each individual tool and text to best describe tools application and maintenance. This has been excellently put together, by the I.T boys who seemed to enjoy this learning project. It is very user friendly and easy to navigate your way around.

Once you have finished the presentation you have the opportunity to go on and sit the unit standard through a moodle assessment with multiple choose and match up best use, questions that once submitted self answers and gives you a percentage score with 60% being pass mark. A positive to this is the way the questions appear in differing order and answers change positions, thus minimizing the chance of comparing answers and foiling those back row boys.

This is very exciting to be a part of especially being the first one of its kind around. As an example of flexible learning this will be great to try on our carpentry students in our next intake.