Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Being involved in a Carpentry department, which is already renowned as one of the top in the country, is very exiting. My job from here on in is to make sure, through education and good collaboration by way of working together with my fellow lecturers and sharing resources, we continue to keep up with our current reputation. A big part of this is ongoing support and professional development from the Otago Polytechnic, keeping in touch with our other partners such as BCITO, and keeping up with industry expectations. Most importantly this means not losing site of student-centred and flexible learning through respect, passion, innovation, challenge and excellence.  

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  1. I am not sure if this plan is quite ready for a conclusion yet. I am still mainly seeing information about what you are already doing, and yes a lot of this is flexible. However, you need to be clearer about your plan for using different resources and strategies which will enhance students' success in the programme - retention and completion. Also different approaches may be needed to attract a wider variety of students - mature, female, Maori, distance etc.

    Often students do not even enter a programme of study because access is prevented for reasons such as the timetabling and location of the courses - they may have to work to support a family, the culture of the programme - male dominated, practical skills which need to be taught onsite - or do they? Could your courses be taught by distance with students working on building sites around the country, for example?

    In other words, what can you do within the design of your courses to enhance students'learning success - considering the diversity of abilities, and learning preferences, and requirements if they are to access meaningful learning and the programme it self?